Titan Analytics

Empower Your Business with TITAN Intelligent Comparative Analytics

As a healthcare provider, it’s essential to keep pace with changing regulations, demands in quality of care and your billing processes to manage the risk of audits. Now, more than ever, the ability to see into and digest your complex data without adding additional staff or cost is paramount.

TITAN is a web-based comparative analytics solution that offers healthcare providers automated, actionable insights based on real-time data. Using TITAN, you’ll improve cash flow and practice performance by tracking, measuring and managing key operational and financial measures. TITAN helps you identify and address factors driving claim denials, reimbursement payment delays, and other issues affecting your bottom line. TITAN compares your organization’s performance with your peers by state, national averages and by specialty.

Improve operations and gain 360-degree transparency. With TITAN, providers can assess high impact areas:

  • Payer processing time
  • Staff Productivity
  • Unexpected denial rates
  • Reason code analysis
  • Procedure code utilization

Impactful features that are cost-effective and practical.

  • Best-in-class dashboard allows providers to quickly identify and monitor denial trends and root causes to increase productivity and cash recovery.
  • Create and customize benchmarks based on internal and external comparisons.
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Accelerate reimbursement through streamlining processes.
  • Identify and monitor audit risk

Why Validus Analytics?

  • Low investment: minimal training, no hardware investment and no IT management.
  • Continuous real-time access to data from thousands of health plans, HCIT companies, and healthcare providers.
  • Largest outpatient-centric ANSI 835 (Healthcare Claim Payment/Advice) comparative database that covers all 50 states and territories.
  • Leverage HP Vertica to aggregate and analyze over 150,000 data feeds per week on a single, technology-agnostic platform.
  • Real-time API data integration that provides valuable insights to facilitate payer and provider collaboration and informed decision making

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