Validus Healthcare Network offers custom Healthcare and Liability Insurance plans designed for maximum protection and affordability.


VHN is able to bend the healthcare cost curve through its unique partnerships with providers servicing the key drivers of healthcare costs. We provide members with real healthcare benefits, not just coverage subject to high deductibles.  We educate members to understand that they’re ultimately in control of their healthcare spend, and the decisions they make impact annual premiums. We help members identify the highest value medical services – balancing price and quality concerns. Finally, we reward clients with rebates based on profitability and the savings attained by using these advanced tools.

Our formula for success includes:

  • A telemedicine network for routine medical needs
  • A discount pharmacy savings card (
  • A mail-order pharmacy for maintenance medications
  • Biometric lab testing to identify disease states before they become chronic
  • Disease Management Counselors to help control chronic conditions
  • Medical Care Direction so surgeries are performed at first class facilities at specially negotiated rates
  • Healthcare Bluebook and Pratter which help members chose the highest value service provider for any medical need

Liability Insurance

With leveraged buying power, Validus Healthcare Network offers malpractice & other liability insurance programs which deliver optimal levels of coverage at an affordable price.

Expansive Coverage

Receive multiple coverage options from the best carriers with multi-tiered options.


Experienced underwriters negotiate group discounts for organizations of all sizes from single doctors to hospitals and corporations to ensure the best rates possible, especially for those with prior claims.

Affordability & Flexibility

Questions and claims can be submitted online, or by calling toll-free. Your dedicated representative will keep you informed and will always ensure that you have the policy that best meets your goals.