Businesses of any size can profit by partnering with Validus Healthcare on their employee benefits strategy. VHN uses the industry’s latest tools to combat rising healthcare costs while offering profit sharing rebates to encourage long-term relationship and educational commitment.

There is no reason to play the annual enrollment game or switch between legacy providers any longer.  Regardless of your size, there are always better economies of scale available by joining a larger group.

VHN has many techniques and agreements designed to bend the healthcare cost curve:

1. Telemedicine offers convenience and cost savings

  • Validus offers on-site telemed clinics at a fraction of the cost of traditonal clinics which drastically expand service levels.

2. Pharmacy is a large and increasing percentage of healthcare spend

  • Validus has unique PBM agreements for maximum savings.
  • Validus provides pharmacy discount cards for generic drugs.
  • Our proprietary nation-wide mail-order pharmacy provides maintenance medications with zero co-pay.
  • Specialty medications are managed by a specific team for maximum cost containment.

3. Biometric Testing & Disease Management

  • Chronic diseases can now be identified and managed very inexpensively compared to episodic hospitalization.

4. Care Direction

  • Validus builds narrow networks to supplement its national carrier agreements which often provide services at lower costs.
  • Validus has contracts with first-class hospitals, surgery centers, and other facilities that provide steep discounts.